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About lord Shiv Shankar

Shiva is the ruler of the universe’s creation, condition, and destruction. Lord Shiva is considered to be the god of destruction among the trinity. Shiva is the beginning and origin of the creation process, and this period of Mahakal is the basis of astrology. Although the meaning of Shiva is considered to be benevolent, he has always subordinated both Laya and Pralay.

The name Shiva is often associated with Shankar. The term is used to describe Shankar, which means Shiv Shankar Bholenath. In this manner, many people incorrectly represent Shiva and Shankar in terms of two different names for the identical entity. The statues of both are different forms. Shankar is always depicted to be an ascetic. In numerous places, Shankar is shown meditating on Shivling. Shiva is the creator of three gods of subtle worship, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Mahesh is also the name for Shankar), each for the universe’s creation, maintenance, and destruction. In this way, Shiva was the one who created the universe. This is the reason Lord Shiva is also known as Mahadev. In addition, Shiva is also known and revered by various other names.

Bhagwan Shiv ji HD Images Collection

Bhagwan Shiv is the most revered God from Hindu Dharma. God Shiva is the one responsible for the fundamental change that has occurred on this planet. In this blog, we share the best quality Shiv Shankar photo HD wallpaper for sharing with people’s.

HD quality Shiv ji Images

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Bhagwan Shiv Ji image hd
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Shiv ji Images Download for DP
sankar ji ki photo
Sankar ji ki Photo HD quality
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Bhagwan Shiv image HD for DP
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Shiv ji HD image
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Maa Durga & shiv image HD

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Shiv Bhagwan image
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Best Shiv god image

Shiv ji Photo

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Shiv ji ki photo
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Shiv Ratri image
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Shiv image HD wallpaper
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Beautiful Shiv Ratri photos

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Shiv photos HD wallpaper
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Shiv Shankar photos download HD
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Shiv ji HD Wallpaper

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shiv ji wallpaper

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HD images of shiv baba
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Shiv images download
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Romantic shiv parvati vivah image
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Maa Durga & shiv ji image HD
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Maa Durga & shiv image download free

How do I get in touch with Lord Shiva?

  1. Be clear of clutter in your mind and you will be as pure as fire.
  2. Chant Om Namah Shiva – Begin with daily mantra repetitions of 108 and then increase to 216,432 in increments. Keep going and you will reap surprising benefits.

How can I please Lord Shiva at my home?

  • Place an oil lamp on your altar.
  • Do Dhyana (meditation).
  • Chant OM Namah Shivaya as many times you can.
  • Invoke Lord Shiva
  • Begin the puja with the abhishekam for the Shiva Lingam, or the idol of Lord Shiva. …
  • Gently rub the idol with a piece of clean cloth.

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