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Sri Krishna Biography

The Bhagavad gita central figure is Sri Krishna. Hindus often consider Sri Krishna an Avatar, a direct descendant from God. Krishna gave Arjuna during the Battle of Kurukshetra an immortal spiritual discourse of Bhagavadgita. Krishna taught wisdom, devotion, and discrimination. Sri Krishna, Radha and the Gopis at Vrindavan popularized devotional yoga bhakti.

Lord Krishna was born during the Dwapar Yuga. Devaki’s eigth son was Vasudeva. Devaki’s brother Kansa kept Vasudeva and Devaki prisoner after receiving a warning from a celestial voice warning him that Devaki’s eight-year-old daughter Devaki would murder him. According to mythology, all the Gods visited the cell and advised Vasudeva to take Lord Krishna Dwaraka to Yashoda. Return Yashoda the girl you have given birth to. Vasudeva was carrying Krishna’s child in torrential rain all night. Vasudeva crossed the Yamuna River by making it shallower. The prison doors also opened, making it possible for him to leave. Nandgopa gave his child to him and Maya returned home. Janmasthami is a celebration in India that marks Lord Krishna’s birth date.

Hinduism considers Krishna a significant God (Para Brahman). His avatar is believed to be Vishnu. Many believed Krishna to be a real man who participated in the war known under Mahabharata. Hindus regard him as a warrior, hero, teacher, philosopher, and great leader.

God Krishna Pictures Images Collection

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Lord Krishna HD Images

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krishna images hd
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Sree Krishna images
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Sree krishna images hd
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Shree Krishna HD Images

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God Krishna images
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Krishna God Images

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Cute Krishna images HD
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Lord Krishna images HD
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