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About Durga Maa

Durga Mata is worshipped as the Mahadevi of Hindus. She is the most popular goddess and is associated with protective power, motherhood, destruction and war.

According to mythology, Goddess Durga was created to slay the demon Mahishasur. Durga Mata appeared as a soul from the waters of the Ganges, and all the gods united gave a physical ailment. Each god gave him a weapon to kill Mahishasura. Mata Durga was victorious in that battle and in her honor this Durga Puja is held every year.

All Hindus are waiting a full year to celebrate Durgautshab. We all get busy during Durga Puja, shopping, gifting to relatives, making idols, and making pandals.

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Mother Durga gives positive energy to everyone and her pictures are also very positive energy. So we share Durga Mata photos and give blessings on puja days.

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