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Millions of Hindus around the world worship Lord Krishna and lord Radha. This beautiful marble statue of Krishna and Radha beautifully depicts the deep bond between these two deities.

Lord Krishna and Radha are two of the most popular deities worshipped by Hindus. Krishna was an incarnation of Vishnu, one of the three main gods in Hinduism, and he also had many wives who loved him dearly. Radha, one of these wives, is often depicted as Krishna’s favourite – both in paintings and statues – because she never hesitated to love him in spite of all the other women he had around him. The story of their love has inspired many artists over the years, and the marble statue below captures it perfectly.

Radha and Lord Krishna are the most beautiful and natural examples of love in all of the universe. Shree Krishna never married Radha. However, their love was so deep that when it comes to love, Radha Krishna’s Jodi is the first. Radha, a Gopi who lived in Gokul, had a divine love for Lord Krishna. He spent his life in his desire and love. Radha was the Most Beloved God Krishna. He could not marry Radha because of his duties. But he loved Radha Rani so much.

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