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Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most popular compared to many hymns and prayers in Hinduism. It is a devotional stotra dedicated to the god Hanuman. It is a link of forty verses and is considered very powerful. Reciting with full faith and devotion will give you the utmost virtue and benefits.

The best time to recite Hanuman Chalisa is after sunset. It is also considered good for mental peace. The poem was written by Tulsidas, the famous poet, and devotee of Lord Rama. The Chalisa is believed to have been written even when Tulsidas was in jail.

It was written when Aurangzeb imprisoned Tulsidas. Tulsidas became an introvert while in jail. She thought Lord Hanuman was going to save her. After forty days, they were released. He started preaching shlokas of Hanuman Chalisa.

It is also said that Hanuman Chalisa has astrological significance. It is also said that reciting it benefits people suffering from Shani Dosha. Also, by reciting it regularly, fame and splendor are attained.

It is said that reciting Hanuman Chalisa gives you complete satisfaction and divine bliss. It will also help you solve your problems better in life. It is also considered a powerful mantra. Whether you read it aloud or quietly, poetry is very powerful.

Shri Hanuman Chalisa with Images

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The Hanuman Chalisa is a 40-line hymn or prayer that praising the virtues of Hanuman. It is one of the most famous prayers in Hinduism.

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Hanuman chalisa image
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Hanuman chalisa photo
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Hanuman chalisa hd image
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1080p hanuman chalisa hd image
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Hanuman chalisa picture

Hanuman Chalisa with Photo

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Best Hanuman Chalisa Photo

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Hanuman chalisa in hindi image
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Shri hanuman photos
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Hanuman chalisa hd photo

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Jai hanuman chalisa image
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Hanuman chalisa hindi image
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Hanuman chalisa images in hindi
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Hanuman chalisa full hd image

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