श्री बृहस्पतिवार व्रत कथा : Shri Brihaspati Vrat Katha

Brihaspati Vrat Katha – The Story of Brihaspati Dev

In ancient India, a brave and generous king always helped people experiencing poverty and Brahmins. His queen did not like it, and he did not give to the poor or worship God. He discouraged the king from begging.

One day, while the king was out hunting, the queen was alone in the palace. At that time, Brihaspati Dev came to the palace to beg like a saint. However, the queen refused to give him alms, saying that she was tired of giving alms and that her husband always squandered their wealth.

Brihaspati Dev advised the queen to use her wealth to feed the hungry, provide water to the thirsty, build shelters for travellers and arrange marriages for poor unmarried girls. But the queen did not heed his advice.

Then Lord Brihaspati asked him to perform the Brihaspati Vrata, which included washing his hair with yellow soil on Thursday and washing his clothes with that soil. He also said that his wealth would be destroyed if he did so. Despite this warning, the queen did not take the sage’s advice seriously.

As Brihaspati Dev had predicted, the queen’s wealth gradually dwindled. The royal family began to starve for lack of food.

One day, the king told the queen he was moving to another country because everyone in their kingdom knew him, and he couldn’t do a menial job there. So he started cutting wood from the forest and selling it in the city. He started living like this.

Meanwhile, the queen and her maids starved without eating for seven days. Then the queen sent her maid to a nearby sister’s house to fetch food. Her sister was listening to the story of Brihaspati Vrat at that time, but she did not answer when the maid gave the queen’s message.

Her sister’s behaviour saddened the maid, and she became angry. She cursed her sister, causing her to realize her mistake. He immediately sent food for the queen and apologized.

From that day, the queen began to observe Brihaspati Vrat with full devotion. As a result, Lord Jupiter was pleased with him and blessed him with wealth and prosperity.

Brihaspati Vrata Katha is a famous story that teaches the importance of perseverance, faith and gratitude. The story revolves around a queen who hears the story of a poor maid and decides to perform a Brihaspati Vrata to please Lord Brihaspati and seek his blessings.

Rani was living a luxurious life, but her heart was not satisfied as she was unhappy with her financial condition. One day, he heard a maid narrating the story of her struggles and how she had performed Brihaspati Vrat to overcome them. Inspired by her faith and determination, Rani followed the same vow to overcome her financial problems.

On Thursday, the day of Brihaspati Dev, the queen observes a vow by fasting and offering chickpeas and jaggery to the deity. He also performed pooja and lit a diya to please Lord Brihaspati. With the blessings of Brihaspati Dev, Rani’s financial condition improved and she could enjoy a luxurious life again.

However, as time passed, the queen became complacent and stopped observing the vow. His wealth began to dwindle and he became worried. His servant reminded him of the importance of the Brihaspati Vrata and how it had helped him earlier. The queen realized her mistake and repeated the vow with devotion and faith.

Through this story, we learn that observing Brihaspati Vrata with faith and dedication helps to overcome financial problems and get the blessings of Brihaspati Dev. It also emphasizes the importance of being grateful for one’s blessings and not taking them for granted.

Brihaspati Vrat Katha is a popular Hindu story that teaches the importance of devotion and charity. The story begins with a queen who faces many hardships, acquires wealth, and decides to use it for good. He started feeding the hungry, making donations and using his money for good causes, causing his fame to spread throughout the city.

On Brihaspati Vrat, Rani performed puja with devotion and then distributed prasad to everyone. It is believed that worshipping and distributing prasad on Thursday can bring wealth, success and blessings from the ancestors.

One day, the king sat under a tree in the forest, feeling sad and restless. He encounters a sage in disguise who is the God Jupiter. The sage advises the king to observe Brihaspati vrata and distribute prasad to his family and friends. The king heeded the sage’s advice and his suffering was relieved.

The story teaches us the importance of devotion and charity and how Brihaspati Vrat can bring wealth and blessings. It is believed that performing puja and distributing prasad can appease Lord Jupiter and get his blessings.

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